Soranan the hedgehog begining 2013 look by soranan2-d5q4ncs

Soranan The Hedgehog

Soranan the Power Hedgehog is The First to Join Flamix.He has a huge amount of thunder powers and is the second in commend/Food maker for the Team.

Flame finds sorananEdit

IN"Flame finds soranan",Flame is at his house Watching basketball with His Friend,Blake the Swordwrath Hedgehog.When a crash sound was heard.Flame went to see what crashed and Found a hedgehog with Red clothes on,A Grey and Blue head and a Sword.Soranan was awfully hurt.Then Flame Took Soranan to his house for safe keeping until he can recover.Soon after,Soranan Woke up,Introducing himself to flame.Flame introduced HimSelf to soranan.And Soranan Joind Flamix.







a green echindna

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